Winding down or winding up

Theoretically, I’m winding down today. Hmmmmm.

On Sunday, bright and early – well, certainly early, (leaving 3.30 a.m.)  we’re off to Cervinia in Italy, on a skiing holiday. Lucky, lucky, lucky people, we are.


(Yes, that IS the Matterhorn. No, I WON’T be skiing down it – at least, not intentionally. I have no sense of direction.)

There’s still a whole lot of work that I’d like to get done before I go, so I’m not winding down – more winding up into a frenzy of activity.


The good bits about this:

  • I’ll get shed loads of work done ahead of time
  • Yes, I’ll get shed loads of work done ahead of time
  • Errrrrm…struggling here…oh, I’ll REALLY enjoy the break when it arrives.

Here’s my favourite piece of winding down music, which of course, I won’t be listening to because I’m too busy:

The good bit about this holiday is that it’s difficult to write copy on your iPad when you’re on skis whizzing down a black run (another navigational error).

Caroline Coxon, copywritaholic.

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