Holiday Day 3 – toilet experiences girls love

Toilet experiences…one of the main topics of the day.Every day.

It’s quite problematic being a woman with an active bladder while dressed in a ski-suit.


Let me tell you that from personal experience. Men – you have it easy. (Unless you’re Paul wearing girl’s leggings under your salopets. That’ll teach you).

So many zips and fastenings and layers of clothes tucked in. And you’re wearing ski boots, and the toilet very often seems to be down a flight of stairs or involve an icy trek round the back of the building. And then you get there and it’s a hole in the floor.


So very easy to squat down and avoid weeing on your clothes and avoid dropping your gloves or soaking your trouser ends in a dubious puddle on the floor. Even easier to get up again, post-squat.

There’s also the excitement of the toilet hose, in place of loo paper. Ecologically commendable. Only, if you don’t realise what it’s for, you may look down the end and get squirted in the face, just like Louise did. Mmmmmmmm!


Solution to toilet problem? Don’t go?

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