Organise, don’t agonise

(Nancy Pelosi almost said this, only she spells organise and agonise with a z. Humph – she should call herself Nancy Pelozi.)

Me, yesterday. I didn’t agonise. I did organise.


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Not that futile, as it happens.

Allow me to…

teach grandma…


As someone with at least half a brain, it is a source of wonder to me that I’m constantly surprised:

  • how much more work I can get done when I organise myself
  • how much more enjoyable and stress-free life becomes

I didn’t use any flashy programs or apps. Always a temptation. Always perfect procrastination material, because you can kid yourself you’re actually working. (It’s known as structured procrastination.)

I wrote a list on a whiteboard.


I started a piece of work. I finished the piece of work. I erased the task from the whiteboard.

I started the next piece of work…

In books I’ve read about learning to organise (Yes, I’ve read those MBS books – Management By Bestseller) …writing a list on a whiteboard may be a target for derision.

Checking things off a To-Do list is rarely meaningful…Aiming to be productive is the wrong way of going about it. If you follow your heart and align yourself with what you hold most dear, productivity becomes irrelevant. You’ll achieve, but you’re not wrapped up in it. Your identity isn’t caught up in whether or not you cross everything off your To-Do list.Your happiness is based on how much you enjoy what you’re doing, rather than completing X number of tasks.” Jonathan Mead, Paid To Exist



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