Making a meal of a diet

Not so much a diet but a lifestyle. Diet implies the desire to lose weight. I’m fortunate in that I’ve never really had to struggle with that particular issue.


Hi, my name is Caroline and I’m a dairy-free ovo-pescatarian.

poor eating






Oh, did you not realise?

Dairy-free ovo-pescatarian. Well, it has a certain pretentious ring to it, doesn’t it? Even if it’s not very apparent exactly what it means. So, this diet. It means that I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat dairy products – so that’s no milk, butter, cheese (now that IS a struggle, because I love cheese – and don’t talk to me about vegan cheese!) No croissants. No Cadbury’s Giant Chocolate Buttons either. Pretty scary stuff.









I do eat eggs (from my own much-loved and well-cared for chickens) and I do eat fish.  And I do, of course eat plants. Not geraniums. Not dandelions. Plant-based foods. Including prosecco.

‘Pescatarian? Peskytarian, more like,’ mutter some people, rolling their eyes heavenwards. Bloody nuisance. Faddy eater. Crank. It won’t last. Here she goes again. Well, that’s the last time I invite her round for a meal. You ARE joking, aren’t you? Don’t you know plants have feelings too? (ha ha ha)







Why, why, WHY? Why this irksome, annoying, inconvenient diet?


It started when my boy Laurie announced he was becoming vegan, just before we went over to Canada to spend 10 days there following the birth of Number One Grandson, Walter Bear Coxon. I wanted to support Laurie and I was also interested to try it for myself. Health reasons (general fatigue, high cholesterol) and ethical reasons (feeling like a hypocrite endorsing animal welfare causes then tucking into roast lamb for Sunday lunch).

So I did. Didn’t falter once. It was quite easy in Whistler, it being a bit of a hippy-dippy town,  so well set up for People With Alternative Eating Requirements. I lost 8 pounds in weight in the ten days, just for information’s sake.









I felt…in good shape. No headaches. No congestion. No need for painkillers, which I took a lot of just to keep going when I had headaches caused by congestion. Plenty of energy. Sleeping well. The only thing was, on this diet my tummy felt gassy and empty a lot of the time and there were some important vegan protein sources I simply didn’t enjoy – tofu and too many pulse foods. SO…

I took the decision to eat fish, for protein. Sorry, fish.






And eggs from my chickens.

And there you are. Caroline the dairy-free ovo-pescatarian. Doing well. Not finding it hard (very often). No intention of reverting.

My next blog will be full of tales of the difficulties I have encountered in my efforts to stick to the diet. It can be very amusing…

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