Holiday Day 6 – An ode to knees


Always keep your knees in front!
Don’t let them slide behind!
Knees that get behind you
Are difficult to find!

Little Jim let his knees go!
They got behind the lad!
In Church he knelt down back to front
And made the vicar sad.

They bound his knees up with a strap,
And faced them to the front
And to this day – they face that way
“Et gloria ducunt!”*

* I don’t know what it means but it rhymes.

Thanks to Spike Milligan.

My knees were doing well despite the first day twisting..but now…


They are protesting firmly that NO they’ve had enough of a battering and will I just let them rest? PLEASE!

Dear left and right knee,

Just one more day’s skiing…we’re off to Switzerland for the day…and THEN you can rest.

Love from Caroline

Tonight, they’re a bit swollen.


I think.

I’m such a cruel task master.

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