Holiday Day 5 – Mr. Grumpy and Mrs. Not

Mr. Grumpy was on our coach trip to Pila today. So much a highlight. If only he realised how completely RIDICULOUS he made himself look…


On arrival, slightly late, he realised he’d lost his goggles. He searched, then retraced his steps, holding up the departure. When he got back, some of us offered to take everything off the overhead shelves to check properly. “I’ve already done that,” he said. No thank you. No smile. He spent the entire journey moaning.

At the end of the day, the bus was due to depart at 4.30. I was mortified that we were 3 minutes late, and apologised profusely. Mr. Grumpy and his (to be pitied) wife, arrived TWENTY MINUTES late. Did he apologise? No he did not. He complained that someone was sitting in HIS seat.

Poor Mr.Grumpy. What a miserable, miserable existence!

Mrs. Not Grumpy, on the other hand, was Tina. It was approaching 1 o’clock. Some of us were tired and getting hungry. There was a restaurant just below us and Tina suggested we stop off there for lunch.

Peter said, looking at the piste map, “Oh, I rather fancy going to another restaurant. It’s a bit more remote. Only involves skiing down here, one chair lift and a short red run.”

Tina agreed. The red run was quite challenging. Tina fell over TWICE.


We arrived at the restaurant.

It was the same one that she’d suggested 45 minutes earlier, approached from a different angle.

Was Tina grumpy? (She had good grounds to be) No! She was gracious and cheerful.

Lucky Mrs. Not Grumpy. Such a happy, happy existence!


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