Holiday Day 4 – Snow Storms

Snow storms are pretty…


Unless you’re in one, trying to ski down a mountain with almost zero visibility. That was today. Multiple snow storms, tiny windows of clear skies then back to white out.


It was one of those experiences that you were glad you’d completed, commended everyone’s grit and determination, but it was quite unnerving at the time. Mad dogs and English people go out in the midday snow storms…

Sickening analogy Number 1:
It occurred to me that life can be like skiing into a snow storm…where you can’t see what’s ahead but it’s best to point your skis downhill and let go, trusting in yourself that you’ll be able to deal with any hazards as they occur. Bumps and drifts and crazy snowboarders and the like. It’s either that or stay whimpering at the top of the run, saying, “I can’t do this.”

Sickening analogy Number 2: (You can see I’ve spent a lot of today in my head. Couldn’t see anyone else to talk to!)

My ski jacket…


Very much like my brain. Lots of pockets where I put important things for safe-keeping, and then I can’t find them when I need them.

Snow storms in my head, maybe?

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