Holiday Day 2 – highlights

Highlights could be bad, right? Or are those lowlights?

I am in this debate with myself whether or not slipping over when getting off a chair lift actually counts as a fall. As it was me, my inclination is to say IT IS NOT.


I was in this position, only flat on the snow. I could feel the ligaments on the inside of both knees twanging to snapping point. I really thought my skiing days were over. My walking days, even. Miraculously, when I was finally hauled to my feet, the ligaments twanged back. so that was one of the highlights, of me at any rate. Hurrah for elastic ligaments! (Except, at time of writing, I be hobbling)


A lovely bunch of friends. Matterhorn in the background.
From L to R: Paul Robinson, Tina Marshall, David Watson, Peter Coxon, Ben Wilson, Jen Robinson, Caroline Coxon, Bre Merkus, Louise Coggins, David Cottam.

However, the absolute highlight was…Tina, coming out of a cafe and going to put on her skis, laying them out on the snow. then saying, “Somebody’s taken one of my skis. I have odd skis. Even the binding’s different.”

Only for us to point out to her that she’d laid her skis out in opposite directions.

Kinda like this:


Happy days. many highlights.

Ooh, another one. I went shopping with Tina and Jen and afterwards we were given a free glass of champagne. (One EACH, not just one between us!)

Here’s me and Jen after that. Sunshine on the Matterhorn. I’m sure I could climb that, particularly after a glass of champagne.


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