Holiday Day 1 – We all make mistakes

Yes, we all make mistakes, especially when we can’t speak Italian and then we order stuff in a restaurant. We find that if we talk loudly and make hand gestures we are perfectly understood.

Paul gesticulated for a large beer.


It was about as tall as he was. He drank it like a manly man. (Only had to stop off three times on the 200 yard walk back to the hotel).

Louise ordered Soup with Fontina Cheese, visualising delicate sprinkles on top like Parmesan. When it arrived it looked something like this:


…only three times bigger. Underneath the two inch layer of melted cheese was a salty water broth. Nom nom nom. Louise thinks she’s had enough cheese now.

Pete’s pizza was the size of…a large pizza. He won’t grow up to be a big boy. Or his hair won’t curl – which ever myth you choose to believe, or not.


He didn’t eat his crusts. Tsk tsk.

NOT mistakes:

Coming on holiday with Pete and a bunch of lovely friends.

Staying at the lovely Hotel Edelweiss in Cervinia.

Sorry, but I have to do this…get it out of my system…

(Dang it! I wanted to post Edelweiss from the Sound of Music, but iPad says no. You’ll just have to go to YouTube, or sing it yourself. It’s a top class ear worm.)

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