Writing tired

Tired? Gelatinous with fatigue, is me, in the best 1984 tradition – but still working.


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No explanation – simply that, for various reasons too unremarkable to bother mentioning – for the past two nights I’ve only had about three hours sleep. Seriously. Not one of those exaggerations.

Today, up at 5 a.m. for a breakfast meeting. Home feeling so tired I could have wept.


I had two pieces of work needed urgently by valued clients. (Well, ALL my clients are valued, she adds quickly!)

A case of weighing up my options:

  1. Let clients down by abandoning the idea of any work at all today
  2. Have a sleep and do the work later
  3. Generate something, do the work and THEN rest

Choose 1 or 2. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You know it makes sense. Clients can wait. The sky won’t fall down.


Choose 3, Caroline! You know you can do it. Create something extraordinary. Don’t believe the little voice in your head telling you that your work will be sub-standard if you attempt it when you’re too tired. Remember that you work well when you’re hungry so…

I chose 3.

Generated vitality.

Completed the two pieces of work without even the application of extra caffeine. (Slightly helped by loud listening to Lana Del Ray).

Checked the work over. Hmmmm – seemed okay to me, but was I hallucinating?

Sent the work off.

Re-checked the work I’d just sent off, in case I really WAS hallucinating.

STILL seemed okay to me.

Received the best ever thank you from one of the clients, which I’m tempted to frame:

Is there a ‘good writer pill’ that I can take to write like you? You’re amazing, thank you.

All I can say is…

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It IS possible.

Can write well when hungry. Can write well when tired.


(I don’t need any more challenges, thank you!)


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