“Without music, life would be a mistake.”


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Yes, Friedrich Nietzsche on the subject of music.

Friedrich Nietzsche of the impossible spelling, which I have to check EVERY time I write it, and of the outrageous moustache, which I don’t.


I love music – yet I hardly ever go to concerts or listen to radio stations which play music. Occasionally Classic FM…if my brain needs soothing.

So – lately, I’ve discovered two new artists and one new track by an artist I already knew. Then,  I went on to buy the aforementioned tracks.

Here’s how I heard of them, all you music promotion people who spend millions and zillions on publicity campaigns.

First, Tricky and the track called Hell Is Round The Corner

See, I’m not at all averse to a bit of rapping and trip-hop.

(Eclectic, moi? Mais oui!)

“As a producer and a musician, Tricky is noted for a dark, rich and layered sound and a whispering sprechgesang lyrical style.”  Sprechgesang? Even I, with my limited grasp of German, managed to work that out – speaking-singing.

Where did I hear it? On Desert Island Discs, yes, RADIO 4, when Steve McQueen was the guest. (Not Steve “Bullitt and Great Escape” McQueen, but Steve “12 Years A Slave” McQueen).

Second. Kate Bush, on the same programme – and OF COURSE I’ve heard of her… but had somehow missed the track, This Woman’s Work. (Sorry, not a very good recording).

And finally…

Music from a trailer for a new ITV period drama called Grantchester – which I await impatiently.  Here, thanks to Mr. Google and my own persistence in finding out exactly which track was used – Jamie T’s track, Don’t You Find

SO – at the moment, my writing hours are inspired and enlivened by THIS music.

Next week, it might be Bach or Purcell…

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