What a writer has to do is write what hasn’t been written before or beat dead men at what they have done.

I believe you, Hemingway.

I’m not sure, however, that publishers agree.

I’ve had the report back on Of Night And Light – the novel. In all honesty, I haven’t read more than the first page. Feeling really rough isn’t the right time to absorb constructive criticism in a positive way – constructive criticism that will entail a lot more work.

I was stopped by the phrases ‘…difficult to place. Publishers are looking for the next…’ (insert your own choice here, like Harry Potter or Twilight.)

And here’s me thinking that publishers would be looking for something DIFFERENT.

When I feel 100% again, I’ll read the whole report and no doubt I’ll do another re-write because I believe in that novel. But there must come a point, eventually, when I’ll lose that.

Until then…

…onwards and upwards.

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  1. I’ve not yet gotten to the “hearing or reading criticism from others” stage of my manuscript, and already I’m dreading it.

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