Why you need to update your website

Update your website? Come on, Caroline, give us a break.

It’s the first day back at work after the holidays for many of us – those lucky enough to have more than Christmas Day off.


Now those New Year’s resolutions really begin to bite. It’s one thing going on a mid-afternoon run in the sunshine to fulfil your fitness quota , quite another when it has to be done at 5 a.m. in the dark and rain, before you catch the 6.05 to London Bridge.

(Caroline has lightbulb moment: Running machines on commuter trains!)

Here’s a business resolution for you that is a no-brainer. And needn’t cause physical pain.

Update your website!


Yeah, yeah, that old chestnut always churned out by job-seeking copywriters and web designers.

Have it your own way, people, but first, consider THIS

GE Capital Retail Bank undertook a consumer survey.  81% of respondents said they researched online before making a purchase.



Are you happy that 81% of your potential customers will look at your website and see…well, what will they see? Stale copy? Last year’s news? Outdated images? Redundant facts? A blog that was written in July 2013?

At risk of repeating myself: UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE! You know it makes sense.

It’s not a resolution that will help you lose weight or run a marathon.

It IS a resolution that will ensure that you don’t risk losing customers because they look at your site and think…’Hmmmmm, well if THAT’S an illustration of their professionalism and attention to detail… thanks, but no thanks, I’ll go elsewhere.’

I’m a copywriter. I’m busy. I’m not so busy that I couldn’t take on YOUR WEBSITE.

Contact me at: cacoxon@gmail.com

I’ll carry out your New Year’s resolution for you. How good is that?




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