To Matilda: "When you were born, the sight of your face and the noise of your voice brought people joy, you are a carrier of peace and love."

(Martin Suarez might have said this before I thought of it)

All I have to say today is that I am the proudest first-time grandmother IN THE WORLD. EVER.

Here is Matilda:

Beautiful, precious child of Laurie and Irene. Born July 18th, in Squamish, B.C.

Did I say that I was the proudest first-time grandmother in the world? Ever!

I am. And let no-one tell you any different.

Bundles of love to Laurie, Irene and Matilda.

Can’t wait to see you in August. It will be the best birthday present anyone could ever ask for.

K M Berggren – Love Flows Outwards
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