Some things make me laugh

Yes, and “It takes maturity to be able to laugh like a child again,” said Moffat Machingura. Oh yes he did.

So, I must be terribly mature.


There have been a couple of things on the radio this last week or so that have made me laugh – and continue to laugh every time I think about them, and then I’ve had to bore everyone I meet who’ll stay long enough to listen… but things are never so funny second or third hand. It’s the way I tell ’em.

In the spirit of sharing, here they are. Judge for yourselves a) my sense of humour b) whether or not I’m three gallons of crazy in a two gallon bucket.

This was on The News Quiz when, at the end, the participants read out (real) newspaper cuttings. I checked this one out and it is, in fact, from 2011.



The second piece, which keeps coming back to me and making me giggle, was from Clare in The Community – brilliant BBC Radio 4 comedy by Harry Venning, adapted from his cartoon strip from The Guardian. The family au pair is an Eastern European girl called Nali, played wonderfully well by Nina Conti. Nali is always full of sage proverbs and rural anecdotes from her homeland. This was on the occasion of Clare’s boyfriend coming back after a separation:

(To be said in Eastern European accent). “I love a happy ending. It’s like when Cousin Ludmilla fell into the threshing machine but Cousin Boris was still prepared to marry what was left of her.”

images (6)

That oh so common bit of textese – LOL, not to mention LMAO and ROFL…

It made me laugh. It still does. It might not make you laugh. I’m fascinated by this. It’s what makes humour so very subjective – and writing it exceptionally tough because some things just AREN’T FUNNY to some people when they have me reduced to helpless giggles.

Just to end with:

images (4)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I suppose all this indicates that what makes me laugh is to do with words, their clever use and accidental misuse?

Happy Saturday!

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