The busy have no time for tears.

Okay, Byron. No, NOT okay, actually. Sometimes I DO feel like crying when I’m too busy.

 If you must know, at the moment…

Only…obviously, that’s a lie.

This is how I know I’m too busy:

  1. When I get back from the yard, I don’t change out of my jodphurs before I start work
  2. My hair is WILD and CRAZY and I’m thinking I have no time to get it cut
  3. I’ve run out of lots of things and can’t spare a single moment to go shopping
  4. All meals come from the freezer and are not lovingly prepared
  5. I feel rubbishy and over-sensitive

And on top of all that…I’m…

(NOT because I’m on a beach with a good book and a box of chocolates.)

Today, must do better looking after myself.

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