My teenage diary – Day Two

See here for My Teenage Diary – Day One – if you missed it yesterday. Yes, it’s all true (nearly!)

February 13th, 1971

One day to go. I lay on the doormat this morning just in case my cards came early.

The postman peered through at me. He is obviously someone who should know better.

my teenage diary

I really hope he didn’t see my knickers because they were navy blue gym ones ready for hockey. I would seriously die if he had.

my teenage diary - Day Two

 Three cards for Jean landed on my head, one with SWALK on the envelope. I expect they were all from Mum and Dad because they feel sorry for her. I mean, who would fancy someone with SPOTS, even if she does have a big bosom?

 After school, I passed Neil Scott-Evans and Martin Oliver chatting in a doorway. They stared right at me with lustful expressions on their faces. Well, I think it was lust. I expect they were deciding which one of them would get the lucky break and take me to the Valentine’s disco. I pretended not to notice them but my heart was going boombadi boom and I honestly almost nearly fainted.

I think the phone is broken because it didn’t ring once tonight.

my teenage diary - Day Two

It’s funny, though,  because I kept checking it and there was always a dial tone.

 I played Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes, which is my favourite song EVER, fourteen times in a row.

Downstairs there was a lot of door slamming. I wonder what that was about?


The suspense is most dreadful. What WILL happen on Valentine’s Day? See – My Teenage Diary – Day Three, tomorrow.

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