My teenage diary – Day One

my teenage diary

‘My teenage diary’ was an assignment for my creative writing class. I found it unbelievably easy to write – the memories are so vivid all those years on.  I think teenage experiences often are. Or perhaps it’s because I’ve never really grown up?

Funnily enough, we have a teenager in our class and he found it an impossible task – too close to the highs and lows of hormonal-induced emotions?

So, this teenage diary is TRUE in essence, although slightly embroidered.

February 12th, 1971

Two days to go, and oh, I can hardly sleep. This year will be the year…I just know it deep inside me. This will be the year when I get a Valentine’s card that won’t be from Mum and Dad and signed with a question mark. I mean, do they think I’m STUPID or something? It’s a total INSULT!!!!!!

As I couldn’t choose between Neil Scott-Evans and Martin Oliver who are both drool-makingly dishy, I’ve decided to send both of them a card. I will disguise my writing so they don’t know it’s from me.

 This evening I sat beside the phone for three hours, thirty eight minutes and seventeen seconds waiting for That Phonecall when Martin or Neil will invite me to the Valentine’s disco.

my teenage diary

By Lori Novo

I listened to My Sweet Lord eleven times in a row, which is my favourite song EVER until Dad ripped the record player plug out of the wall, which just proves he has no soul.

I think Neil and Martin must have been trapped in their rooms by vengeful parents because they didn’t get the chance to phone me. I hate grown-ups. They just want to spoil everyone’s fun, don’t they? Bet they weren’t ever fifteen. They just went from little children straight into being snotty parents.

My Teenage Diary – Day Two –  tomorrow.

Be still your beating hearts.

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