I have a very firm grasp on reality…

I can reach out and strangle it any time! 

So – as promised yesterday – if only to myself – a reality check about my work.

Of Night And Light – the novel – still waiting to hear back from the commissioning editor.

Dancing With Elephants, The Wilful Child, Belief in Cod, One Of Our Pies Is Missing, Little Red Riding Hood and The Granny Confusion – still waiting to hear back from the animation company.

Filth – short film – at final edit stage.(London) To be taken to Le Marché du Film, Cannes, Short Film Corner.

The Other Side Of Silence – short film – original shoot date disrupted by the snow but apparently it is imminent. (Whitby)

Downtown Abby – short film – script approved and scheduling shoot with Eastenders actor attached. (London)

Caught In The Act – short film – (apparently) to be shot this year. (New York)

 Just For A Moment – a short film which has, apparently, been “on the point of completion” for over two years, (Leeds) – so I will chase it up, now I’ve remembered its existence! UPDATE: Answer to my query ‘Any progress?’ – “Sadly no. It’s still ongoing. Will be finished though. I promise.”

Creep Like A Rat – 22 page short – script approved – (apparently) to be shot within  the next eighteen months (New York)

The Colour Of Her Scream – longer short – loved by director but wants to seek proper funding in order to do it justice. (London)

The Last Assassin – a short script commissioned by a producer, in progress (London)

(The apparentlies in brackets are because I’m relying on the word of a director whom I’ve never met…)

Aside from all that – I have three feature length scripts complete, another 30 plus shorts, and Quirky Tales – a series of stories for young children, two of which have been broadcast on FunKidsLive, and Earthbaby, an audio story for babies, and Milo Saves The Circus – a long-time-coming interactive iPad story for young children.

So – quite a lot! And quite a lot needing to be done to get that stuff off my computer and out into the big wide world.

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