Staying sane with a bouncing brain

Me yesterday. Bouncing brain and staying sane.


Boing, boing, boing…

Heaps of work to do, in parallel. My decision – to rotate.


No NOT like THAT! That and the bouncing brain too? Instant nausea.

I mean, rotate tasks. Each project split neatly into sections, so I’d do a piece about clinical interventions in mental health…then I’d do a piece about mortgages…then I’d work on double-glazing (so much more transparent than a desk!)… then…back to clinical interventions.

See? Bouncing brain!

The good bit – I never got bored. Not the slightest hint of drowsiness.

The potential pitfall – I might have confused my subject matter.

Knowledge concept

© Orlando Florin Rosu –

Yeah!  “Release some equity from your property with a remortgage, install double-glazing in your head and you too can sail through your International Personality Disorder Examination.”

But I didn’t. Confuse my subject areas, that is. You’ll be relieved to hear.

Bouncing brain or not…


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