Spring: Science has never…

…drummed up quite as effective a tranquillising agent as a sunny spring day, said W. Earl Hall, whoever he is or was. I can’t be bothered to find out because it’s a sunny spring day and I feel tranquillised.

The good bits about spring:

The warmth and the sunshine.

The fact that I can fling open the windows and doors and let in some fresh air.

I can hang the washing outside at last.

The dogs and horses are less muddy.

Happy chickens.

photo 2


photo 3

Other flowers (Can’t remember what they’re called) Hellebore? I think so.

photo 1

The view across the garden…

photo 4

The bad bit about spring:

The windows look dirty and that makes Peter grumpy.


N.B. I took photos of our windows and the dirt didn’t show.

Perhaps Peter should always view them though a lens?


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