Screenplay Writing: “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”

 Not, I’m fairly certain, applied to writing screenplays or, in this case, NOT writing screenplays…

After the triumph that was Thursday, I reaped the rewards yesterday, rewards being a euphemistic word for…the opposite of rewards.

No internet = no emails = no access to work coming in = backlog of work with silly deadlines, made even sillier by the fact that I didn’t see them until Thursday night.

SO – yesterday was spent chasing my tail.

I did a massive amount of work for three separate clients. A massive amount of work, none of which was writing my screenplay.

Today promised to be one that I spent castigating myself about yesterday.

How much of a waste of time is THAT?

(Here’s a clue: It’s an ENORMOUS waste of time)

Day 3 Update
½ a new page (Aaaaaaargh!) BUT…I did interview someone at length about all the technical information I need in order to make the script credible, so that was progress, of sorts. (I apologise for being enigmatic but the script is meant to be submitted anonymously so I can’t be specific here.)

I have some fabulous excuses for not writing today…

Watch me wriggle tomorrow!

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