It’s raining again

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I wonder if iTunes arrange ear worms so you’re compelled to download a song?

This morning’s ear worm…

It’s raining again, by Supertramp. And it was. Raining again, I mean. The rain has been relentless. Completely without relent.

However, singing the song cheered me on my way to the yard and the knee-deep mud and the sliding about in semi-darkness.

It also brought back memories – but my mind was playing tricks on me.


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In my Liverpool University days, one of THE albums was Crime of the Century by Supertramp – released in 1974.


Rather scary to think that this was FORTY YEARS AGO. Scary and unbelievable.

It was a brilliant album. It IS a brilliant album, which I’m going to download as soon as I’ve written this blog. (iTunes triumphs again.)

BUT – It’s raining again isn’t a track from Crime of the Century. It’s from Famous Last Words, 1982



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