7 reasons why you don’t need a professional copywriter

The marketing manager of The Squid Enthusiasts Society of Tuvalu is digging his heels in again. Saying there’s no way he needs a copywriter at all, let alone a professional copywriter.

He told me in an email, ‘Im quiet capable to write my own web content so that it give a god impression of the organisation.’


In order to substantiate his claim, here are the seven reasons why he doesn’t need a professional copywriter:

1.  He has plenty of spare time, when not being enthusiastic about squid – catching it, breeding it, feeding it, photographing and filming it, packaging it, selling it and shipping it – to write copious amounts of carefully-constructed web content and marketing material

2.  He learned to write when he was four years old so is quite good at it


3.  He’d rather spend his budget on an all-singing-all-dancing website with lots of Flash animation – the content is less important

4. Correct spelling, grammar and puncuation is a thing of the past – and anyway, the spell-checker on he’s PC picks up any mistakes

5.  If he needs copy, he can cut and paste it from someone else’s website. That’s perfectly ethical – it’s there online, isn’t it? And it won’t adversely affect his Google rankings.

6.  If necessary, he can outsource copywriting projects to companies abroad. The writers are paid a fair wage for what they do, they are never exploited and their grasp of the English    language is always exemplary.


(Please note – I admire anyone who writes in a language that’s not their own. I can’t. It’s just that for the purposes of writing material for any particular market, the home language really needs to be good enough.)

7.  His potential customers aren’t influenced by the quality of the copy on his website and printed material. They don’t think it reflects badly on the professionalism, attention to detail    and the  standard of work provided by the company.

Yeah! Who needs a professional copywriter?




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