Playing the waiting game

I’ve just sent off my recently completed novel to some delicious-sounding literary agents, carefully selected after lengthy research because I think they’ll be perfect partners in my journey to publication.  Someone, somewhere, someday  will, will, will, take it on.

Optimism. The only worthwhile state of being. So now…it’s time to play the waiting game, which may be as long as 8 weeks.

How am I going to occupy my time during this waiting game? Am I going to sit glued to my email in-box day and night, hoping against hope that I’ll receive a positive email? Nope.

Am I going to allow my optimism to morph into self-doubt and angst? Well, I’m aware that this could happen. It has been known. Especially when there are knockbacks…

But how constructive is it, allowing oneself to be plunged into debilitating self-sabotage activities? Not very. Not at all. It really is a question of synchronicity, as long as what I’ve written isn’t a total pile of doggy doo-doos. It comes down to my work coming to the attention of the right person, at the right moment on the right day. That’s all. Rejections don’t mean my work IS a pile of doggy doo-doos. They mean that the stars just don’t happen to be aligned.

So this waiting game is going to be just that – a game.

“The beauty of playing the waiting game is that anything is possible. In that moment when you’re waiting, despite your nerves, your wanting, and maybe even your doubts, a whole universe of possibility is before you,” says Maxie McCoy in How To Play The Waiting Game Without Going Totally Insane

“What we are waiting for is not as important as what happens to us while we are waiting,” says Mandy Hale.


What will happen to me while I’m waiting is that I’ll complete the picture book I started an age ago, and will start to transcribe my family letters which date back to 1845, so they’re forever preserved. And I’ll be going on a trip to Canada to see the Whistler part of my family. Me…Whistler’s Mother. Just thought of that.

N.B. There is NOTHING about Whistler’s Mother that in any way resembles me!

And all the tasks I’m going to undertake won’t be displacement activities to numb my mind, simply a joyful grasping of opportunities to further my creative life.

Hooray for creativity!

Now that is MUCH MORE like me!

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