On taking a break

“Taking a break. Been working solid for the last few weeks, as opposed to working liquid, which is more drinkable. Can I pour you a glass of productivity?” – yeah, thank you Jarod Kintz – provider of so very many nearly quotable quotes, including the title of the play, The Cleverest Thief. (Yes, I had his permission to use it…oh yes I did.)


I’ve been doing a bit too much of the working solidly (Naturally, we British speak proper, Jarod!) of late. Not taking a break often enough.

My fingers are a blur.

That would be okay except my brain is too.


Can’t remember how many weekends I’ve spent working. This is a sad indictment of how many weekends I’ve spent working. Or my memory. I’ve forgotten which.

All work and no play makes Caroline a dull boy. Or similar.

So this weekend I’m not. Not dull. Not a boy. Not working.

This weekend I AM taking a break.

“Elizabeth (aka Caroline) lay face-down on the massage table, and allowed Marco to relieve the stress of the business day with firm and knowing fingers. Success, she decided, was often a matter of knowing when to relax,” averred Barbara Taylor Bradford, in an early manifestation of Fifty Shades of Puce.

No Marco required.

I have been seeking advice about how to take a weekend off:


That should do it.

Taking a break. Not taking a Kit-Kat.


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