My view on feng shui: don’t put your bed in front of the door because you won’t get in.

I’ve got a feeling this was said by Jonas Eriksson the designer, rather than Jonas Eriksson the Swedish football referee – but I might be wrong. Who knows?

(Caroline immediately embarks on a reverie about the use of feng shui in football.)

Well, I’ll be jiggered! Here’s an extract from an article on the very same subject by Mike Rowbottom in The Independent (2002)

“Players such as Roy Keane and David Batty have been performing their own modified version of the art for several years on the field of play, rearranging opposing teams by repositioning their players with carefully modified impacts. Actually, that’s not right. Keane and Co are practising kung shui, which sounds similar but has more of a martial arts feel. Sorry, if I misled you.”

 ANYWAY…I was talking to a buddy of mine who’s writing a novel. His feng shui expert informed him that he would have better creative thoughts if he faced west. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. After a long period of procrastination working out which way was west – it’s looking out of my study door – I tried it.

It seemed to work…

I made the mistake of telling Peter.

“I know, you could write with a rose quartz crystal balanced on top of your head to keep away Evil Spirits and wrap yourself in aluminium foil to avoid the damaging rays from mobile phone masts.”

I do so much love it when I’m taken seriously.

Day 17 Update
3½ pages (note the desperation of putting in half pages) and creative west-facing thoughts.

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