My Teenage Diary – Day Three and beyond

See My Teenage Diary  Day One, here and Day Two, here for the thrilling prequel to The Big Day – or was it?

Big, I mean.

February 14th, 1971

I am going to complain to the Post Office because either they’ve lost my cards or they’ve delivered them to the wrong house.

complain to PO my teenage diary

Or maybe that cow Jean nicked them to add to her pile? I can’t believe anyone with her acne problem would get seven cards.

Neil Scott-Evans and Martin Oliver came up to me in school and said if I wanted to send Valentine’s cards to two people next year why didn’t I try using different disguised writing for each one? They were sniggering and I put on a haughty look to show I didn’t care, hardly at all. I never really wanted to go to the Valentine’s disco anyway.

I thought I’d hang about outside to Make My Presence Felt, just to show how little I cared. I wore my black midi coat and wet-look boots and lay in the gutter sobbing but nobody noticed.


Later, I played the Songs of Leonard Cohen to cheer myself up.

February 15th, 1971

Three hundred and sixty four days to go...

my teenage diary pierced heart

Pierced Heart by Aida Thuresson

I shall now close My Teenage Diary until the next time, or possibly forever, and curl up in the corner of the room with a big box of tissues.

P.S. Neil Scott-Evans and Martin Oliver, wherever you are – SEE WHAT YOU DID?

But I’m okay now.


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