Influencer marketing – the same as word of mouth?

Apparently not.

When I first heard the term influencer marketing, I thought…’Uh? Surely that’s just marketing! Specifically, word of mouth marketing – where satisfied customers recommend your brand or services to their friends and acquaintances and,  like ripples in a pond, your sphere of interested people grows. And grows.


(In my new manifestation as hip-techy-geek-nerd girl, I see I have to call Word of Mouth Marketing WOM, or people will think I don’t know what I’m talking about.)

WOM (hee hee hee) is one of the best ever sorts of marketing, because the people who post about your company have nothing to gain – and nothing to lose, either, since they’re not your competitors. Their word will be trusted. In the days of too much information and constant bombardment with adverts for this or that, people tend to shut down. They become armchair cynics.  But they will believe, to a greater extent, personal testimonials, especially if from people they know.

So – influencer marketing? Running with the pond analogy – I guess it’s about choosing the right pond to chuck your pebble into.

WOM marketing, therefore, is not influencer marketing, then, but it can be part of the process.

There’s very little point in telling a group of vegetarians, by WOM,  about steak tartare (unless you want to make them sick!)

Similarly, there’s very little point in writing  brilliant posts about copywriting and then sharing them with…what’s the opposite of a copywriter? I can’t think of anything to suggest without the risk of causing offence. Okay, here goes – The Squid Enthusiasts Society of Tuvalu. (With apologies to all members past and present.)


This all begs the question – WHY do I want to enhance my online presence at all? The answer: To let more people know about my copywriting services so I garner more clients. And bearing in mind there are a gazillion copywriters out there – I need to grab attention, stand out from the crowd. That’s the first step. Then they can judge for themselves the quality of my work.

Now, to choose that pond! And not only that, to choose the people in the pond (Uh? Analogy fail alert) who make the biggest ripples.

Currently, apart from Facebook, Twitter and general Google+, I share my blog with a copywriting and content marketing group (338 members) – who sometimes share my posts to others.

I’ve just put myself down for a social media marketing circle, soon to be formed by +Martin Shervington

Well, HE he makes big ripples – (I’m sure nothing to do with his physical stature.) If I somehow came to his notice, then others would notice me.

Just think, I might once have been a One Direction fan…


Now it’s someone who writes on the psychology of Google+

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