Google SEO – adapt or become irrelevant? Moi?

Soon, I’ll have to stop labelling myself as interwebly-challenged.

Imagine this. Me, Caroline Coxon. Country girl with horses, dogs and chickens…

DupreFarmersWife Google SEO

By Julien Dupré

Not in the first flush of youth, not by any stretch of the imagination a geek…

on a Google hangout!


With Americans and suchlike.

Learning about Google SEO changes for Small Business.

That was me last night. I changed out of my jodphurs especially for the occasion.

When I’ve digested what I’ve learned, I’ll pass it on to you in language I can understand!


Tine Neubert from

Which is not German. Although, the German for Google SEO is…Google SEO. So I can speak German as well.

I think it was the title that swung it for me.

Google SEO – Adapt or become irrelevant? That’s harsh…

but I am DETERMINED not to become irrelevant.

To be a great copy writer who can contribute to clients, over and above the call of duty, which is my mission…

I need to know about Google SEO. And the scary bit is, I’M INTERESTED in the subject.


Just call me Nerd Girl

Google SEO


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