“Good resolutions are like babies crying in church.”

“They should be carried out immediately.” ― Charles M. Sheldon

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Actually, I only semi-agree. Babies should be welcomed in church as far as possible – but resolutions SHOULD be carried out immediately.

SO – back from a wonderful holiday and that always seems like a good time to make resolutions – a natural interruption in daily life routines, a chance to reflect and share with friends, and opportunity to garner support.

There were ten of us in our skiing party and we have (already) formed a private Facebook group called Cervinia 5-2



…with the intention of taking on the 5-2 diet – either to lose weight, or regain more stamina and muscle tone.

We’ll also commit to whatever we decide in the area of a healthy lifestyle – exercise, for example.

It’s going to be such FUN to do it together – and so much more chance of success.

Work resolutions?

Well – today will be spent invoicing!

Before the holiday, I was so busy that I didn’t think I could afford the time to stop to write out, still less send,  invoices. This is Not Good. A time management problem, letting myself get into overwhelm, not valuing myself, brain patterns talking, not a reality.

Invoicing, then. That’s a good start.

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I often make vague resolutions like – “I want to spend more time on creative writing.” That’s too vague and wishy-washy so it never really happens.  I’m going to think about it and make SMART resolutions.


And now I must get on!

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