The great thing about getting older…

is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.

Yes, thank you, Madeleine L’Engle. Not worrying about getting older.


Ooops, too late for that. I’ve been wearing purple for years and years.

Anyway, getting older. Now I’m 60…going on 17. To celebrate this fact, to demonstrate that life doesn’t have to shrink, it can GROW…here’s what I’m doing.

I’ve taken up tennis, with Peter. Oooh, me knees. It’s very dignified. For which read, if the ball’s out of reach, why bother to over-extend one’s body in an ungainly lunge? Sort of like tennis-on-the-spot. Oh, yes – and only on my forehand, if you please.


The other thing is – poking the getting older thing viciously where it hurts, I’m going to be a student again. A masters degree at the University of Sussex, in Creative and Critical Writing.

This is where I’m revisiting my other ages – except for the fact that I’ve never left them.

It’s like ‘Back to Skool’ time for me. I have:


A new bag…


Three new notebooks (thank you Jane and Tim for thoughtful birthday presents).


A new pencil case, pens and pencils (Thanks again, Jane and Tim).

I’m in stationery heaven! (That’s stationery NOT stationary – unlike the tennis).

All I need now is a new brain. One that is not getting older.

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