Life without electronic gadgets.

North Wales scoffs at electronic gadgets! (Well, the part I was staying in certainly did.)


Here, for three days,  I had no phone signal at all – even on top of mountains where I’d have thought the little phone signal birds could have flown freely.

Here, at the hotel, there was a computer in the games room, with a satellite connection, I was told – but the hoops to jump through to get it all together, and the service speed (lack of) made the effort hardly seem worthwhile.

Other electronic gadgets usually present in a hotel these days were conspicuous by their absence. No kettle or teasmade in the bedrooms. (You could order early morning tea.) No hair dryer. (There were towels.) No fancy little safe with electronic keypad for your valuables – in fact, most rooms don’t even have a lock and key. (It didn’t seem risky leaving anything lying about.) No flat screen TV. No TV at all, actually. (We talked. Read. Listened to the radio, sometimes, which is a tiny bit electronic, I admit, though we did have to wiggle the aerial constantly to get decent-ish reception.)

Not that a swimming pool is an electronic gadget – but there was none. (There was a lake, with handy life-belt on the side.)

Dinner was announced with a gong.

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Something like this.

Even the sat nav in Peter’s car went a little weird, convinced we were driving through the middle of a lake – Lyn Gerrionyd – at one point. (We weren’t!)

Did I suffer from electronic gadgets withdrawal symptoms?

No, actually, I didn’t. This surprised even me. I would have anticipated at least a nervous tic or possibly a full-blown panic attack with accompanying hyperventilation.

The only thing I would have liked was the knowledge, beforehand, that I’d be out of contact with the known world for three days, then I could have warned everyone. (I honestly thought that even if there were no wifi, I’d get emails and messages on my smart-phone – but I didn’t.)

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Being without these electronic gadgets was FINE. I find it far more distressing having them available and then they don’t work.

I read a lot. We talked to each other, me and Peter.

‘Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards,’ said Aldous Huxley.

I had the BEST of times.

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