Copywriting games people play

Copywriting games? Am I admitting I don’t take my work seriously?¬†(For people, read Caroline Coxon.)


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Not at all.

It’s just that sometimes the tasks I’m required to perform are quite repetitive and I need copywriting games to keep me up there and buzzing with inspiration.

Currently, I’m writing a series of fifty-six house descriptions for a residential developer. FIFTY-SIX. The houses are all different but not very. The descriptions, on the other hand, must all be different. As different as possible. And a hundred words or less.

It’s a challenge, let me tell you.

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So – copywriting games.

Game One: I write the copy for each description, trying to get as close to a hundred words as I can without checking as I go along. It’s rather like a game of Pontoon (the British version of 21 or Blackjack). Twist or stick?

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Oh, the whoop-whoop-whoops when I get close! (My best score is 98).

Game Two: I set myself a target, like – I’ll finish five descriptions before I’ll allow myself any more chocolate buttons.

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It’s called deferred pleasure, I believe.

Well, it works for me. And the copy’s good as a result because my brain hasn’t shrivelled.

Any more suggestions for copywriting games gratefully received!

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