Choose joy at Christmas

I’m not sure what Joy’s up to this Christmas. She has been invited.


To help her to decide whether or not to attend, here’s the most glorious carol from Libera.

My favourite of the moment – and, somewhat bizarrely, Geekie Tim’s too. (How A Mum Can Shatter Street Cred In One Easy Step)

Christmas is a busy time for mums. And my mince pies all stuck to the patty tins and have been renamed mince crumbles. And no-one likes marzipan. And the quilt, while finished, looks crooked and amateurish. And try keeping the house clean enough for a baby in howling wind and rain and wallowing mud, with two labradors wanting to go in and out like a fiddler’s elbow.

Easy to feel somewhat less than a perfect housewife. In my case, easy to feel CONSIDERABLY less than a perfect housewife.



So I choose Joy at Christmas.




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