Caroline’s Awfully Big Adventure

An Awfully Big Adventure.

Not starring Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman.


But ME.

Flying on my own…


Image by Maia Fiore


Well, not quite on my own, I hope, ¬†as I’ll be in an aeroplane…

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Like this one, only going in the opposite direction. Left, that is. Towards Canada.

My Big Adventure will take me to beautiful Vancouver Airport (and how many airports can have beautiful in the same sentence, unless accompanied by the word NOT?)

Snapshot 2011-03-18 17-00-50

Along the Sea-Sky Highway…

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To Whistler


Sublime place (I was going to say beautiful again!)

To see my lovely little family…Laurie, Irene and Tilly.


At the top of the Shard, January 2014


and my fantastic daughter-in-law, Breanna.


I shall be in Mummy and Granny heaven!

I’m blessed.

One Awfully Big Adventure for one Awfully Excited Caroline.

Must remember passport, must remember which terminal, must get to Gatwick Very Early because of the security alerts…very early for me is RIDICULOUSLY early for anyone else…in fact, I should probably set out right now…


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