Blogging is a waste of time?

Some people maintain that – LOUDLY. By which I mean, it would be loud if they were speaking not writing.

“You can spend so much time focusing on blogging that you forget to actually make any money,” – states Blog Tyrant


Stuart Laing suggests, “Every day thousands of people start a new blog with dreams of making big money from writing a few posts. But six months later most of these blogs are abandoned never having made a cent. Blogging is a great way to build a community of active readers which can then be leveraged to make money through related product launches and affiliate marketing.”

Ouch! Make money from blogging? Use my loyal audience as an income stream?  Leveraging? Not my intention at all. If it had been my intention, I could pronounce to the entire world and beyond,  ‘I HAVE FAILED!’

I’ve blogged every day since November 2010 (except on a couple of days crossing time zones while travelling.) This could be classed as above and beyond the call of duty – or merely insanity.

Is the Caroline Coxon type of blogging like this?


Some people might think that. Thing is, I wouldn’t blog if I had nothing to say.

This is how I feel about it.


I LOVE blogging. I don’t do it to make money. I do it because there are things I want to share with other people. I like to entertain, inform and engage with people on a personal level.

Why else do I do it?

From a pragmatic point of view:

  • As a freelance writer, I find routine helpful – blogging is my first writing activity of the day – it gets my brain into gear
  • It  showcases my skills as a writer which may bring new clients
  • It adds to my credibility in my field of expertise, giving me additional authority
  • It means my website has fresh, original content on a daily basis, so Google likes me more (Oh yes, that’s why I get up in the morning!)


No, blogging isn’t hard – for me.

Does it waste my time? What would I be doing if I wasn’t blogging? What CAN’T I do because I’m busy blogging? (This is known as ‘the opportunity cost’ in micro-economic theory.)

Hmmmmm. I can’t pretend I would be earning megabucks creating corporate copy instead. Or writing a blockbusting novel. Or writing a novel that isn’t a blockbuster. Or dusting the skirting boards.

Blogging is only a waste of time if what you achieve by doing it doesn’t match up to your aspirations.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!


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