The down side of being self-employed?

Is there one? (A down side of being self-employed, I mean.)

Surely, it’s all about…

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“When you’re self-employed, it can sometimes be easy to let yourself get off track. Without a “boss” to answer to, the act of letting your mind wander can often have very few short-term consequences,” suggests Matthew Anderson on his site,

Not with a boss like mine, I can tell you.

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See, it’s Bank Holiday Monday and my boss is telling me I have a lot of work to do, so I’d better do some today.

The sun is shining. The birds are tweeting. The little buzzy bees are buzzing. The garden’s lovely. And…

I’m sitting here at my desk writing this, prior to proof-reading a lengthy piece about recruitment for a building company.

I sometimes wish my boss would take some time off, then I’d be able to take some time off myself.

Oh, what fun I’d have!


THAT’S my problem with being self-employed, you see. It’s not the inability to get started, the lack of motivation, the letting myself get off track.

My problem is the difficulty I have in…

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Oh, my boss has just said I could leave the proof-reading until later…

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The UP side of being self-employed?

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