Copywriting – the approval of others

“A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep.” 
― Vernon Howard

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A copywriter, on the other hand, DOES need the approval of others – namely, the client, or clients.

This is fine and wonderful. It’s the client who commissions the work. It’s the client’s product or services that we’re promoting. It’s the client who pays the bills.

Yes, fine and wonderful…

EXCEPT, from the point of view of the copywriter, if the approval of others is approval by committee. And not a committee who sit together at one time and come to a consensus, but a SERIAL committee whose members look at the work one after another, with a time lapse, and everybody is compelled to put in their two pennies worth.

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(Oh very well – two cents worth, if you insist).

And they don’t agree. And what they say contradicts the original brief, which I’ve stuck to. Because I’m a professional.

You know what they say about a camel? Well, HE said – Sir Alec Issigonis.

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That’s a bit how I feel about a particular piece of work just now. I’m really not that precious but to have the sense and the tone and the continuity eroded, drip by painful drip, over several weeks…just a little demotivating, to be sure.

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Yay for approval of others! It makes the world go round (more slowly).

P.S. I still love my job!



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