Freelance Copywriter

First impressions are important, right? Do you think your website and your marketing material really do you justice? Are you sure there are no bloopers anywhere? I offer a full range of copywriting, editing and proofreading services for both web and print – fresh, persuasive copy to turn your prospects into customers.      

Freelance Copywriter

Education writer

Many years teaching has given me the insight and knowledge to produce educational material across the curriculum and key stages, including interactive websites, text books and award-winning DVDs.

Education Writer

Screenplay writer

After success in international writing contests, I’ve had a number of short screenplays made into films. I’ve also been commissioned to write awareness-raising dramas for the healthcare sector.

Screenplay Writer

Freelance writer, children’s author

Newly published – a fantasy novel for anyone with a wry sense of humour. Lots in the pipeline including an interactive story for iPad and a series of stories for 6-8 year olds.

Caroline Coxon Childrens Author


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I am not Catherine Cookson

No, I am not Catherine Cookson, despite someone at a writers’ group thinking that’s who I was, last night – but he had, apparently, already drunk five mojitos. Coxon’s the name. Caroline Coxon. Not Catherine Cookson. Am I flattered? Not in every way. Here’s why. I was not born in 1906, despite appearances I am […]

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Jamie Denham: Owner, Sliced Bread Animation

Caroline is hugely passionate about creative writing and its potential across a range of media and this shows in all her work.

We have worked extensively on projects with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

I have also recommende...

Dan Mitchell, Director of Creative Services, Cubiquity Media

Here at Cubiquity we call her ‘can do’ Caroline. She’s our first call for copy and the last word in commitment. We are constantly surprised by her ability to understand and commit to paper our rambling telephone conversations and two line em...

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Life Stories

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What is it about pork pies?

Yes, what IS it about pork pies? To be specific, Melton Mowbray mini pork pies… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. This is not as straightforward as it may seem.  I don’t much like pastry, unless it’s warm. I am not a big meat eater. In fact, I’m not a big eater AT ALL… but, if there are […]

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Of Night and Light

Here it is - the startling debut novel - startling because I finished it and it's published! Click on the image to link to the site. Go on...

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